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About Andrea Filip

Who and What am I? I am, like everyone else around me, a soul with a human experience.

And so, every day, I discover and experience what it means to be a Human Being.

And so, every day, I discover and experience what I takes to be Human and Soul.

In my words, but by listening generously and friendly to other wonderful people, you can read and see more about me:

As a game in my personal life I chose (and was chosen by them) to be the mother of a little boy and a little girl, two extraordinary souls. They teach me how to melt in love.

I also chose to be a wife, and I have a husband who completes me, along with whom I have grown emotionally, professionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Together we discover the world around us and … new worlds, which are becoming more and more fascinating. He was at my side when I began my personal development journey in 2004, participating in my first “Landmark Education” class. 

I understood that the solid foundation of any relationship (with others or with ourselves) consists in integrity accompanied by authenticity. I didn’t know then that this first class would trigger an internal war between Who I thought I was, and Who I really am.

I began to wish for and feel that I could have an extraordinary life. A sort of super-power and I mean an inner power that resides in tranquility, peace of mind and love. I worked to get them. A lot. I worked with myself. I cleaned up. I forgave others and I forgave myself. I have brought integrity into all my relationships. And it was not the most pleasant thing to do, nor the easiest. But … IT WAS WORTH IT.

And since then I have understood and seen around me that integrity is a very precious value and virtue. It provides a framework for living our lives harmoniously and elegantly. And when we are surrounded by people who also value, honor and live with integrity, life works. Projects work. Relationships work. Whenever something does not work, it is because there is no Integrity.

Around the same time, I started enjoying Osho’s writings. There was a great revolution in my brain. It has broken many paradigms for me, a great many, one after the other. It “destroyed” the Catholicism within me, and, instead, opened my eyes to spirituality. A dogma-free spirituality which allows me to ask who, where, and what is God like. And I liked the answers I found. I since then left behind the ” do not doubt!” belief replacing it with: “feel!”, “discover!”, “experiment!”, “explore!”, “create!” … Be! … It does exist!You are!

Then I discovered the Presence. Somehow, as in all happy stories, I came to read Eckhart Tolle’s book, “The Power of Now.” It was in 2005, a few good years before the book became a bestseller and reached Romania. Then I was lucky enough to get to the US and buy his second book, “A New Earth.” To that, I have added some 40GB of audiobooks and videos with Eckhart, and found in me Harmony and Peace. And I love them! Before, I was looking for adrenaline, now I choose serotonin 😉 Is it because I have matured, I wonder?

In 2007, the same friend who recommended “The Power of Now,” texted me just a book title and an author: Power vs. Force – David Hawkins. Obviously, I read this book, then all books by David Hawkins, and became a great fan. I remember how thoroughly I enjoyed every line of the book! I didn’t understand them all, and whoever read it knows what I mean. Hawkins was an American psychotherapist with a highly successful professional career and a man of great culture! He developed the so-called “Scale of consciousness.” This scale is a map of our spiritual evolution that helps us see where we are on our current path of growth, and how we can take the next steps toward Enlightenment, or simply How we can become better people.

His books offer a valid methodology and a technique (kinesiology) for accessing universal knowledge and the truth about everything. Reading it, it was as if in my mind the pieces of a gigantic puzzle were reorganized, and I understood how the world works. Why people act as they act. Also, an idea that constantly resonates in my mind is his answer to the question: How to change the world? And David, with his subtle and profound spiritual humor, replies: “Please don’t try to change the world. Because the world you see doesn’t even exist! “

Returning to a down to earth dimension, I have always been a perspective opener. The role I assumed was to show people that there are plenty of options in whatever they want, that it is okay to explore them and then choose what resonates deeply with their being. The beneficiaries of the projects we have organized have invariably extended their vision of the world, both external and internal. They saw, that they are surrounded by a multitude of jobs, business opportunities, resources (money, time, people, ideas and knowledge). And in their inner world, they remembered or discovered extraordinary riches: passion, creativity, inspiration, power and energy.

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I am born and raised in Timisoara, a charming city with friendly, kind, and responsible people. I chose well.

I graduated from the “Grigore Moisil” High School of Computer Science because … it was the best high school in town and how could I have chosen anything else?

Then I attended the College of Economic Sciences (now renamed FEAA) with a major in International Relations. It was challenging and a period of new endeavors. There, I was fortunate enough to meet extraordinary people, to whom I am deeply grateful for their support and trust.

As a student, from the first day of college I was a member of AIESEC Timișoara, later a Project Coordinator, then PR Coordinator (Public Relations), then Marketing Department Coordinator … many beautiful positions, as is appropriate for a multinational organization. Here I learned that in large organizations, with many hierarchies, people are actively involved in “politics.” An activity that I was never interested in, because I preferred simplicity and transparency.

I founded the Career Development Center in 2002 together with my husband and a few other wonderful professors (fain– as they say in Banat). They were modern professors: active, friendly, visionary. It was the first organization of its kind in Romania, inspired by the American models I had studied carefully during my Winter term, while I was supposed to prepare for my exams. It paid off. I have actively been involved in the development of the organization, of which I became the first President. I have collaborated with many young people over the years. I also helped train many young people.

The atmosphere that we have been developing in the CDC was one of exploration, new possibilities and personal achievement. Its members could put forward and organize new inspiring projects at any time, and always found in me and in the structure that I had created the support, knowledge and expertise they needed. Thus, in time, over 30,000 young people have enjoyed counseling, trainings, employment opportunities, as well as opportunities to start a new business or to practice their skills.  

From 2009 to 2016 the focus of the Center was entrepreneurship. We launched the program “Entrepreneurs’ Factory” which had 14 editions, with over 500 graduates. Together with other entrepreneurs, we devoted our time and resources to the most complex and engaging business program for young people. They “acquired ” self-confidence, confidence in their ideas and a new way of looking at and living life, with integrity and harmony.

In 2003 I also made my small heretical step: I worked “in a bank”, a bank of high international prestige, responsible for corporate clients in Timisoara, to the delight of my family but also to fulfill my own aspiration, to acquire knowledge of the financial field. Working as an employee was fundamentally against my entrepreneurial nature, so I chose to leave the system faster than I had originally intended. I was never able to submit to the “schedule “, having a constant inner revolt towards rigid systems. I think that was also the unconscious reason why, as a child, I was a complete nightmare for my mother. In the morning I was permanently creating reasons to leave home late, so that I would be late for school. But somehow, I made up for it by being intelligent and intuitive, and, as some used to say I was „a bright girl”, so that, despite missing classes, being late or other mischiefs, I was always among the top of my class at school. At the college I was always among top students, who qualified for a scholarship. 

In 2005 I founded the company “On Active SRL”, in which I am a Partner. It is a Consulting Firm in the fields of sourcing and expediting. Integrity, business excellence, delivery of promised results and bringing “delight” to the customer are the values and principles at the core of this business.

I have always been interested in my professional and personal development, which is why I enriched my academic training at the college with other various trainings and classes on multiple subjects, so many that it is a challenge for me now, to remember them all. Anyhow, I made sure that I am knowledgeable on all aspects of a business enterprise. By exercising many professional activities, I also acquired practical skills. Next I began to teach personal and professional development classes, sharing both my theoretical knowledge and my practical business experience. I have delivered trainings on topics such as: Project Management, Human Resource Management, PR (Public Relations), Sales, Personal Branding, Time Management, Personnel Selection and Recruitment, Career Planning and Personal Development, Business Plan.

As a hobby, I studied at the Arts College for two years, specializing in Environmental Design, satisfying my interest and pleasure in drawing, architecture and Feng Shui.

Since May 2012, I am an Advanced Certified ThetaHealing Instructor, and since 2014 a Master and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing. I am very happy that I have discovered this technique and can offer it to the world. To me, teaching these classes feels like being a fish in the water, as if I had done this forever.  

I invite you all to find out more about this technique reading the information on this website. It is a delight and a privilege for me, to see how participants reconnect to their intuitive capabilities, and to their complete and complex nature in all dimensions. Every one of them becomes aware of how their mind and life work, then proactively use their theoretical knowledge into creating a new future, freeing themselves. They transform their unsuccessful relationships and beliefs into some that allow them to fly to the highest, most elevated, and beautiful vision they could have during this human experience. 

Studying the subconscious I inevitably ended up exploring it from several paradigms, so in 2018 I graduated a Master in Psychoanalysis.
It whetted my appetite for understanding the defense mechanisms of the mind, a subject that I deepen and continue to research insatiably.
George Vaillant’s work has proven to be a fantastic source of information and I feel motivated to continue his work for a lifetime. I would like and I think it would (and will) be a great contribution for humanity to become familiar with the unconscious defense mechanisms of the mind. Psychoanalysis also clarified the significance of some trainer experiences, bringing to the fore the notions of transfer and countertransference. This master brought many gifts in my life, such as the joy of being known and learned from a great Teacher, in the noblest sense of the term, a gentleman with presence, knowledge, and a “je ne sais quoi” through which he managed to inspire us and make us feel worthy as students.
Thank you, University Professor Doctor Vasile Dem. Zamfirescu.

And because we are writing the future right now, this biography will continue…

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Trainer and Personal Development Coach

Being with people in a learning context, either as a member of a class, or as a trainer, gives me the greatest joy.

Over the years, the professional activities that have offered me the most satisfaction are those of being a trainer, a career counselor and a coach. I still love them most.

Long story short, for those who want to see the end of the movie at the beginning (so as not to go through emotions), I tell you directly: I love to teach. And yes, people say that they “feel” and “receive” the passion with which they share ideas, techniques and stories. Thus, thousands of people have been to seminars and courses, especially since 2012, when the topics covered are the most dear and important to my soul.


  • over 2200 graduates of Theta Healing (basic) courses, who then continued their self-knowledge, healing and evolution into more advanced courses.
  • 190+ ThetaHealing courses taught.
  • over 5000 participants in seminars (public events of 2-3 hours on various topics).
  • over 35,000 people participated online in personal development and spiritual evolution seminars.

As a child, when people asked me what I want to become when I grew up, I said I want to become an astronaut and a singer, like Angela Similea. By teaching ThetaHealing, it seems that I have metaphorically fulfilled both my desires.
Through meditation, people can explore universes (inside and outside), multiple dimensions, parallel worlds, and a trainer is definitely a performer :). Over the years, the professional activities that have fulfilled me and still delight me the most are those of being a writer and trainer. I was in time, but I no longer find myself, and career counselor, recruiter and coach.

I think we all, like little souls, come to the Earth to learn. And when we are in an educational context, we are most connected to the natural balance of our soul. Since 2011 I have been training as a professional coach, since 2012 and officially “certified” as a trainer at the Ministry.
But these concerns were already there and I have been applying them in my life and working with people for years. The first participations in the Train of trainers as well as delivered trainings date from the student period (1999-2003). At the same time, I was in charge of recruiting and advising students. I believe in the value of theory and practice, with or without diplomas, but we also take them when necessary.

Outside of class, each of us learns during our entire life, but we do not allow ourselves much time to understand, contextualize, and integrate the experience we go through. That is why days are homogenous, history repeats itself, and it seems that we are caught in a perpetuum mobile.

I believe that if we stop for a few minutes to meditate on the day that has just passed, and to intentionally create our future, each day could become an adventure filled with wonder. That’s why I appreciate these classes so much. Because for most people, without realizing it, these classes are a good opportunity for self-assessment, self-knowledge, and planning of a new life, one we created and not we have just lived by repeating past habits.

The topics I approached and delivered in trainings until 2007 were:

  • Career Planning and Development
  • Project Management
  • Business planning 
  • Human resources management (of teams)
  • Staff selection and recruitment
  • PR (Public Relations)
  • Sales
  • Personal branding

Starting with Entrepreneurship Factories, an educational project dedicated to young people with aspirations in business creation, we taught about approaching business from the perspective of values, integration into a broader vision of life, self-knowledge and personal evolution, authentic communication and integrity. There were 14 editions of the Factories, attended by over 660 young people who learned the trade from great craftsmen, small, large and even bigger entrepreneurs in money, but certainly big at heart.

In parallel with teaching the ThetaHealing technique, we have organized many other seminars and courses to share the beauty of the knowledge and experiences resulting from the application of other techniques and practices of self-work.

We offered seminars attended and valued by people from many cities where we traveled to offer them (Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Baia-Mare, Iasi, Oradea, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Arad, Braila , Galați), over 500 in the hall and 35,000 online.

  • Find Your Sparkle, with Theta Healing
  • 7 Spiritual practices
  • 7 Chosen Practices, for Material Abundance, Harmonious Relationships, Emotional Wisdom, Love, Communication, Intuition, Spiritual Evolution
  • The purpose of our lives
  • The power of the subconscious mind
  • Karma and reincarnation
  • Healing the relationship with your parents, your partner and you
  • Relieve stress and enjoy life
  • and so much more

Rediscover your freedom it is the newest and most complex course I offer to help people get rid of habits, attachments and addictions and it is a icing on the cake.

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My first book, published in 2015, is entitled: Find Your Sparkle - 77 practices chosen for a beautiful life, professional fulfillment and spiritual evolution.

This first book contains 77 practices for a life lived with joy, love and abundance. The purpose of the whole work is to live your life as a game in which you win, whether it is personal relationships, career, communication with children, increasing income or spiritual evolution.

The book “Find Your Sparkle” is both pragmatic and esoteric. It addresses the body, the mind and the soul because they are indissoluble in this human experience. Their harmonious understanding, care and development is the subject of the book.

All practices are described simply and to the point, to make them immediately applicable, so I see this book as useful for any age. I applied them all, some for short periods, others for years. They are simple, efficient and handy. There are chapters that can be read to children at bedtime in the evening, to remind them how wonderful they are and what potential is in them. They are useful for teenagers who want to better understand the seemingly crazy world around them. Ambitious young people can storm and apply dozens of the listed practices daily. Mothers and fathers find here landmarks and ideas for raising children and communicating effectively with them. Seniors can find inspiration or comfort for the soul.

This book is based on 18 years of life dedicated to personal and professional development, transformed, at some point, into an adventure of rediscovering the spirit and understanding life. That is why I dedicate this book to souls who seek the Truth about themselves and life, starting from the hope and desire that we all live Heaven on Earth as well.

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Traditional. Social. Spiritual.

As a social entrepreneur, in 2002 I created the first Career Development Center in Romania. Ten years, more than 40 projects, more than 30,000 beneficiaries, in Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca.

I loved all the projects because they were created by young people, with the desire to help other young people. Since 2009, together with my husband and other top entrepreneurs, I have supported and developed a “new species” of entrepreneurs, through the “Entrepreneurs’ Factory” program. To date, over 500 young people have been prepared to start their entrepreneurial life in a unique way, based on integrity and harmony.

We promote a way of being and acting in life and in business that starts from an expression of self, with the honor of the promised word. In this the business component is harmoniously integrated into all other aspects of a fulfilled live (family, health, hobbies, travel, personal development, etc.).

For the activity of a social entrepreneur, as well as for the contribution and leadership in the community, I have been recognized and appreciated by world-renowned organizations: International Youth Foundation ( and Global Knowledge Partnership.

As a classic entrepreneur, my activity is that of adult education, by offering courses, live and video seminars, audio products – meditations, and the book Rediscover your Radiance.

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Master and Certificat of Science ThetaHealing® Instructor

Certified by Institute of Knowledge THiNK® USA and Ministry of Labor and Social Protection

For me, but also for many, many, people all over the world, ThetaHealing is “the top of the game” in the education for an extraordinary life. And I don’t say this just because I am teaching these classes, but because I live the magic of this education myself.

Over 2,200 people got started using this technique in the core courses I taught, and many continued the curriculum to the most advanced level called DNA3, totaling over 4,600 entries. We have delivered more than 190 ThetaHealing courses, 700+ days of delivery, just from this technique. To these are added dozens of seminars on a given topic, and hundreds of hours of therapies, discussions and presentations.

I am a Master and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing, the highest landmarks of this education, being qualified to offer 14 courses in the curriculum: Basic, Advanced, Deep Digging, Intuitive Anatomy, Diseases and Diseases, Manifestation and Abundance, Soul Mates, Partner Relationships , Relationship with God, Relationships with the World, Game of Life, DNA 3 etc.

When I became a ThetaHealing Instructor and took my first class, I felt like I was born for this. It was as if the puzzle I didn’t understand until then, the mixture of experience and teachings I had receiving by that time, suddenly gained meaning and value. I enjoy teaching people how to work in Theta, because what I am actually teaching them is to go Home. Home to the most beautiful place in the Universe, their soul, their divine nature, where there is much peace, love, power, and infinite potential.

Through ThetaHealing people discover that they can heal, and heal themselves emotionally and physically, they can let the past be the past, freeing themselves of the luggage of their memories and former relationships that hold them in place. They can imagine every aspect of their future and live it accordingly. 

ThetaHealing is an education for the modern human being, who no longer denies the spiritual side, but embraces it and enjoys it. Reconnecting with the Self and the Source of life offers multiple benefits: understanding the vast knowledge about Universes, the wisdom and sense of their Personal Existence within Creation.

ThetaHealing is easy to understand and to apply, and it brings immediate benefits. From a pragmatic point of view, people learn to discover and completely release from their inner lives some unconscious programs that negatively affect their behavior, feelings, and health (such as conditions caused by stress, depressions, lack of self-confidence, feelings of not being much loved or desired, resentments and regrets).

It is great to be captain of your own ship, to be able to steer it in any direction you want, and besides, to be able to influence the environment so that you reach the destination by sailing through clear and calm waters.

I believe, and this class has proved it to me in practice so far, that all people are “intuitive”; they have capabilities that go beyond traditional logic, and can learn this technique, regaining control over their subconscious thinking, so that it supports them in living a beautiful life!

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