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ThetaHealing® Book

The ThetaHealing® book was written by the one who gave this technique to the world: Vianna Stibal.

From her childhood, she was a sensitive and spiritual child. Before creating this technique, Vianna Stibal healed many people and helped them to attain spiritual goals. The story of her own spontaneous healing using this method is described in the book.

ThetaHealing is a meditation technique that gives the one who applies it the opportunity to connect with the Source of All That Exists, with God, in a powerful, intimate, and direct way.

By applying this technique, we discover that we can heal ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. At the same time, we can assist/support others in healing themselves at all these levels.

The 4 healings generally refer to the aspects described below, while in brackets you will find the chapter from the book that describes these aspects (although all aspects are in fact related to each other):

  • Mental healing = to “change our mind”, or to think differently :)-the possibility to change a pattern of thinking that no longer satisfies us with another one, that we like (Chapter 10 – Systems of belief).
  • Physical healing = our body really does well, its internal organs and systems are rebuilt, and it works as it should (Chapter 7 – ThetaHealing®).
  • Emotional healing = we learn to live with more beautiful and noble feelings and emotions; we release from the body the addiction to suffering, depression, anxiety, etc. (Chapter 12 – Creating feelings)
  • Spiritual healing = evolution!!! Disharmony comes from a misunderstanding of life, of God, of who we are. When we learn (Chapter 16 – The Seven Plans of Existence).


The ThetaHealing® book describes in detail this technique as well as its many applications. It provides all the information needed for people interested in understanding how and for what purpose they can use it. It describes how our brain works and the role of the different frequencies we access. It also explains the value and power of reaching the “theta” state.

Working in “Theta” allows us to see/find out what and how our subconscious mind works, and to change the programs/paradigms that no longer work for us.

At the same time, when the brain is “in Theta”, we can ask the Creator to heal us or heal another person and we can help and witness the process as it is unfolding. We can also be a part of the recovery process of other people’s well-being by helping them to identify the hindrances that stand in the path of their complete healing when the healing process is not “spontaneous.” (some people don’t think they deserve to be healthy, thinking they deserve their fate … for instance).

To learn the ability to work, I recommend taking the ThetaHealing® class. During the class, you will practice many exercises, almost all of which are described in the book with the same title.


Through ThetaHealing® we are reminded that we are always a part of the Whole.  Our access to the Creator’s infinite power is our divine right and it is always available to us.

 It is only necessary to believe in a Power greater than we are and that this Power has limitless possibilities. Regardless of our religious beliefs, we can use this technique and bring into play the truest name for us and for our soul so that we can appeal to this Spirituality: God, Allah, Infinite Energy, and so on