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Changing unconscious beliefs

How does one access and change the ways subconscious beliefs work? Why would we want to do that?

Because our subconscious is responsible for at least 90% of our daily thoughts, emotions, actions. This is the “autopilot” that drives our life. Really, we use our conscious mind less than 10% of the day. The conscious mind processes what is in our environment (both inside and outside), it is involved in decision making and it guides the will towards the fulfillment of goals.

But the power of the conscious mind is insufficient to have a decisive impact on people’s lives. Consciously, everyone would choose to be healthy, to love and be loved, to have professional and material success, to be rich, to have free time for hobbies and passions, to forgive and to be generous.

However, this does not happen, and the results are obvious. But why?

In order to find an answer, we could analyze one of the basic paradigms/beliefs of our life at present, namely “one cannot have everything at the same time.” This basic belief has several versions: “in life, you have to sacrifice something to gain something”, “in order to succeed in your career you must give up family life”, “in order to have family time, you must give up personal time, career or dreams ” I don’t have enough time for everything “, or ” I don’t have enough money to do everything I want. “

Must it really be so, or can we have it all?

I wonder who decreed this on a planetary level as a universal truth? No one.

The paradox is that this is one of the “truths” taken as obvious by everyone. We expect the rich to be devoid of spirituality, we expect the spiritual to be poor, we expect those with careers to have family problems (with wife, husband, children), we expect those with good career and family lives not to have time for anything else.

It’s time to change this paradigm! It is time to transform our lives so that we can afford to have them all, allow ourselves the luxury of having a fulfilled life in all areas that interest us!

And at this point I raise the bar and invite you to play a new planetary game in which the rules are as follows:

I can have everything I want,

I can do whatever I want,

I can be everything I want.

With the following corollary: with love, in the way most suited to my supreme good and to Creation in all its material and non-material forms (nature, people, planet, etc.)

I’m convinced it is possible. Because I am largely the expression of this new belief – “I can have them all”. Some would say that I am lucky, and they are right, because this was one of the beliefs I formed in my childhood, and already when I was a teenager, I told everyone that “I am the luckiest person I know.”

I discovered that I can imprint this kind of conviction that supported me in my life into the subconscious using the techniques of ThetaHealing®. Not all the beliefs we have about the world and life are against us, some support us, and we can keep those.

ThetaHealing® is a technique that allows us to calm our mind, reducing its activity until it enters Theta frequencies (4-7 cycles per second), and then we can access our subconscious.

The beauty of working with ThetaHealing® is that we can enter our subconscious to see what beliefs we have allowed to be imprinted there and to evaluate them with the responsible adult mind and with judgment. To decide whether they are good or not for us and to replace them effectively, simply, and immediately if they do not serve us, with other ones, of our own choosing.

By reprogramming our subconscious, we will change our lives. We will be the ones now guiding that 90% of our time, with our new choices, according to who we are and who we want to become.

It is known that most diseases have emotional causes. They are based on stress. Stress weakens the immune system because the mental activity that fuels stress consumes a lot of vital energy, there is not enough energy left to manage the rest of the body, let alone any unwanted incursions of viruses, bacteria and so on.

To eliminate stress and emotions that disturb our health and well-being we need to look at their source, and their source is always within us. Where exactly? In the set of beliefs that shape our perception of the world around us.

If I have a “money does not buy happiness” belief, but I want to be happy, I will consume a lot of time and energy to make sure I will run out of money. Did you know it takes just as much effort to make money as it does to stay poor? Look around for those who are poor, see how many justifications they find for it and how many other persons they find, who are guilty of their poverty (the state, the boss, their partner, life, their parents …). This is just one example, and there can be many examples.

Look to your life to see in how many areas you use justifications to explain why you don’t have what you want. Who or what is to blame?

I have a simple answer to this question: nobody and nothing is to blame because neither I nor you have chosen the mechanism by which our subconscious has been implemented. Most of the programs in our subconscious have been assimilated in our past, in our childhood, from parents, on the genetic line, or come from other lives (for those who are open to this perspective).

This automaticity of recording everything in our memory, without discerning and evaluating whether it is useful, worked in childhood, when our brain was in Theta frequencies, until the age of 6. This means that the traditional good breeding is fundamental to the formation of any individual.

Every word spoken to a child is recorded directly in the subconscious, and a repeated idea becomes a program of the subconscious, which then influences our lives. But now, being mature, it’s time to act, to clean up. Let’s take the nonsense out of there and equip our brain with intelligent, modern programs that will help us live our lives with passion and love every day.

Thus, my promise is that at ThetaHealing® class you will learn an extraordinarily efficient, simple, and fast-paced technique whereby you can remodel your subconscious. It works! For anyone! Anyone who is willing to accept their nature as that of a creator!