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A series of reflections and personal ideas meant to inspire you! 😊

About Life Written by Andrea Filip


Choose people with complementary competences to yours, but who share the same vision and values. For example, if you are a good technician, in order to have success in business, you will probably need a goread more
About You Written by Andrea Filip

Be and receive support

Who supports you and who do you support? How open are you in offering and receiving support, respectively? Train daily to be present for the support you can offer, by helping where it is necessary, at leasread more
About Life Written by Andrea Filip

Choosing partners

Who is in your team? Edmund Hillary formed a team with Tenzing Norgay and together they were the first on the top of Everest in Himalaya, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created IT read more
About You Written by Andrea Filip

What part do you have in the game?

Each aspect of life is a game and, like any game, it has rules, principles, players, norms, limits and possibilities. If you want to win the game, you have to know the measure based on which you realize thread more
About You Written by Andrea Filip

Time management

I’ve been experiencing in this field two paradigms that act simultaneously in life and I will share them both – the first one for efficiency, the second one for relaxation, when things do not work accoread more
About You Written by Andrea Filip

Act with presence and intention

Creation appears when you act. Everything that was created appeared because somebody somewhere did something. By only sitting, we produce nothing. We really cannot ever sit, because even when it seems thatread more
About You Written by Andrea Filip

Subjective versus objective

Organizational and personal management start from the idea of setting some OBJECTIVES that must be reached. They are the measure of performance and the ideals that inspire to action. Or not. It depends on read more
About You Written by Andrea Filip

Visualisation. Manifestation

The moment when you know where you go to, the most useful technique to accelerate your manifestations is the visualisation. What you keep in mind and attention tends to become reality in the physical univeread more