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A series of reflections and personal ideas meant to inspire you! 😊

About Life Written by Andrea Filip


Integrity. Why integrity? Because it is one of the pylons that make things and life work smoothly. Integrity is the state of being whole: each part is in harmony with all the others, all “stand.” When read more
About Life Written by Andrea Filip

Gratitude and recognition

The first thing we should be grateful for is our life and the inner ability to love, enjoy, experience beauty in all its forms: images, lights, colours, sounds, smell, feeling, touch. We can express gratitread more
About Life Written by Andrea Filip

Get ready for happiness. Do’s

Have only positive communication, both verbal and non-verbal (by what you think and feel). Speak beautifully with the others and about others. Talk beautifully with you and about you. Smile to everybody. Sread more
About Mind Written by Andrea Filip

Getting ready for happiness – don’ts

We spend each day plenty of time talking either about the past or the future. When you talk to someone what do you choose to share about the day that just ended? Will you tell your loved ones about the everead more
About Life Written by Andrea Filip

My business, your business and others’ business

We get assaulted daily by information, thoughts, situations or people who seem to tell us straight or in a subtle way: Pay attention to me, pay attention to me, pay attention to me! What shall we do? We doread more
About Life Written by Andrea Filip

Communicate politely, truthful and useful!

Pass anything you want to say though a three questions filter: “Is it true?”, “Is it polite?”, “Is is useful?” Is it true? Make sure that what you say is true. If you have doubts but still wantread more
About Subconscious Written by ovidiu

Do not take your thoughts too seriously

The most beautiful present we could offer the world is to See it – see its spirit, essence, love, creativity, mix with it in a state of grace. When you look at something, don’t just look! Let your hearread more
About Subconscious Written by Andrea Filip

Interpreting dreams

Returning to “reality,” there are many people like me who live at night a second life. Instead of sleeping peacefully, we dream many things. I often wondered about the meaning of my dreams and I found read more