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About Life Written by Andrea Filip

Gratitude and recognition

The first thing we should be grateful for is our life and the inner ability to love, enjoy, experience beauty in all its forms: images, lights, colours, sounds, smell, feeling, touch.

We can express gratitude as follows:

by deeds – by giving what we received we maintain the flux of abundance; the one who knows how to manage wisely receives tenfold.

by words – by thanking, expressing gratitude for what is offered to us, by compliments.

by thoughts – by sending good thoughts of love and appreciation to those who contributed to our good.

All these forms are received by others, contributing to the general wellbeing.

When to practise gratitude?

Especially in the morning. When we wake up, let’s notice the things and people who bring joy to our heart and thank for them.

When we are sad or upset – in such moments, we consume a lot of energy in a direction leading to nothing good. With the help of will, we can change our inner conversation and start counting what is beautiful in our life. It will change our state, and from the newly gained perspective, the object of sadness or upset will be easier to repair.

When we want to feel that our life makes sense. As we become more grateful, we realize that the value of our life itself and of the way we do good to others, by our presence and actions.

One step to become aware of what you have abundantly is putting it in others’ service selflessly:

– Do you have time? Offer your expertise and time as volunteer in an organization activating in a field you believe in or help somebody who would need you.

– Do you have a lot of money? Offer 10% of the excess to charity organisations.

– Do you have experience and knowledge? Write a book, organize seminars… with a fee or for free, but give forward your knowledge.

– Do you have a lot of love to give? Visit orphan houses, asylums for elderly people, places where love is welcome.

– Do you have a lot of food? Invite your friends and family for a meal.

Everything you have in excess, think with whom you can share and offer open-heartedly. From where it came, it will come again!

Gratitude is close to recognition. We do not create anything on our own. Recognizing something means telling them what you feel, share the way you see they contribute to you. Do not under-estimate the value of the uttered words. When we suppose that others know what we think, we limit and close ourselves in experimenting the connection with another human being at the level of some emotions of high vibration. When you tell somebody Thank you for…, I am grateful for what you do/say/are in my life, our hearts unite in an intimate and sublime way. In those moments, there is a divine union and recognition of who we are for others, in the most beautiful variant. 

We can state recognition also to the source of our life, divinity, all the talents and gifts we received: Thank you, Lord, for who I am and what I become, for all the gifts and talents You gave me. May my lived life be the highest example of Your greatness and perfection, expressing through me.

Receive recognition and gratitude with the same easiness you offer it. And vice versa, offer it with the same easiness you consider you deserve.

Here is an actual exercise you can do: Express recognition for one week, for 20 aspects/things every day.

Practice 58| HARMONIOUS RELANTIONSHIPS – Extracted from my book, Rediscover Your Radiance

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