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What is ThetaHealing®?

You are probably wondering what ThetaHealing® is and how can this technique help you radically change your life?

Theta Healing is the easiest path to Who we are and all That we want in this life. The Road to Unlimited Inner Power.

What is Theta Healing? – It is a meditation technique for the modern man, who wants results now, who has accepted his human and spiritual nature and wants to live both to the fullest.

From my experience and practice, I also consider it to be the simplest, fastest, most effective, technique for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

Through Theta Healing you access the Creative Energy of All That Is, enter the Matrix that underlies the Manifested Universe, visualize through a creative process what you want and then, in everyday life, Experience the results of this process.

The main benefit of working “in Theta” is that you will have a leap in performance in any field you choose to apply. Whether it’s about earning more money, or feeling more love and affinity for your loved ones, or bringing more balance into your life, anything is possible for you!

You can use the Theta Healing technique for:

  • change beliefs/programs that limit your self-expression
  • increases your ability to manifest the desired results physically: projects, new business, money, etc.
  • you can free yourself from regrets, resentments, remorse, memories with a strong emotional load
  • you can heal your body from ailments held in place by ineffective beliefs
  • transform relationships with others by bringing in them and in you more love, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, or whatever else you want

For those of you who have a commitment to reach higher states of consciousness:

  • it connects you directly to the Source, to God, to the infinite Intelligence that is everywhere
  • evolve as a being, extending your knowledge and understanding of Everything around us
  • enhances your ability to communicate, work, and receive help from other plans

What do people get by learning and working with the Theta Healing technique?

  • People are healing. Physical. From diseases they had been suffering from for years.
  • Others heal emotionally. Forgive and recreate “sick” relationships with love.
  • Everyone releases. It releases and cleanses the dirt accumulated in the subconscious. It cleanses the lies they have told themselves or been told by others so often that they have become the truth for them (that they are not smart enough, beautiful, that they do not deserve love, happiness, abundance, etc.)
  • Flourish. They are beginning to honor themselves. In all aspects. They take care of their body, their mind, their soul, the activities and relationships that are important to them.
  • They have time. They create a new reality in which they have time for everything. First of all for themselves.
  • They are happier. 
  • They have access to the Infinite Source of Energy and Intelligence. And that gives them strength.
  • Manifest. They learn to manifest what they want to experience in this terrestrial plane: the soul mate, wealth, projects, results, fulfilling relationships. In the most appropriate way and time for their supreme good and the good of others.

If you also want this in your life, and you are willing to take the shortcut then this is it! Theta Healing is for those who want fast results. Simple. Harmonious. With love.

I warmly invite you on the most beautiful journey, to You, to who you were and are beyond the “fog” of beliefs and emotional blockages. I invite you to join these Theta Healing courses, to apply in your life what you discover and learn!